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Frequently Asked Questions

We regularly receive questions from potential clients, and we’re happy to
answer them. It’s always best to check this page first though, as you’re
more than likely to find an answer on here! If you don’t see what
you’re looking for, simply give our team a call with your enquiry.


Q: What type of vehicles do you use and are they air conditioned?

A: All KGC Group vehicles are of premium executive standard, and they have air-conditioning with a first-class feel. Vehicles include executive saloon cars (Sedans), larger estate cars with more luggage capacity, and a choice of small or large Executive 5/6 passenger minivans (MPV's). All vehicles are fully licensed by the London Public Carriage Office and they are tested twice yearly for safety by the Ministry of Transport - that's twice as safe as a London Black Taxi Cab! We use Mercedes, VW, Audi, Vauxhall/GM, and other premium car manufacturers. We also arrange Rolls Royce, Bentleys and other elite vehicles for that special occasion. Receive further details about our vehicles here.

Q: At the airport, where will we meet our driver?

A: In most cases, we meet at the Airport Information Desk in the arrivals hall with a sign with your family name on it. We provide an emergency telephone number should you fail to spot him, as we have a 100% reliability record on our drivers being at the airport!

Q: At the Airport, how will your driver know when to meet us?

A: KGC Group check incoming flights. As such, we know if you are delayed. Our driver enters the airport arrivals 20-25 minutes after you land. We would appreciate a telephone call to our emergency number (given on your confirmation) if you think you may be delayed longer than 1 hour by customs.

KGC Group drivers are instructed to wait for an hour and a half from the actual landing, without having had contact with their passengers. We always try to contact the passengers, but if no contact is made, they may leave the airport without you after this 2-hour time period.

Q: What happens with delays or early landings?

A: We track all flights, and we are in constant communication with the airports. Our team adjust our drivers according to actual landing times and customs delays. Drivers come into the airport 30 minutes after you have landed. If you land extremely early, we cannot always adjust your driver to be early because of prior commitments, but they will always meet you at the scheduled time in this case.

Your driver should never be later than the scheduled arrival time (plus customs time), as we allocate more than enough time per driver. We’ll even reschedule your pick-up, free of charge, if you miss your flight. Simply let us know on our emergency number (given on booking) at least 1 hour before your booked scheduled arrival time.

Q: When booking a pickup time at the airport, should I add extra time from the arrival time of the aeroplane, to allow for baggage and customs?

A: No, this is not necessary and can cause mistakes and delays to your pickup! Do not add any time! Just give us your scheduled arrival time and your flight number. If you add time, we may take this as your arrival time and automatically add customs times, making us late for your pickup.

If you want to arrange a later pick up so you can visit airline lounges, we are happy to accommodate this. Simply email us with the relevant information once you have booked your service.

Q: What kind of service do you offer? Why are your prices cheaper than most chauffeur and executive car services?

A: Our London Air Connections branch only offers airport and cruise port Transfer Services*, so we concentrate on our high-quality performance. We aim to fill the gap in the market between cheap backstreet minicab companies pretending to be 'Airport Transfer Specialists' online, and expensive 'Chauffeur' drive companies. 
KGC Group complete each journey, from start to finish, with no hassle or stress to our clients - that's why we are "London's favourite family-run online airport transfer and tour shuttle service!"

*We do also offer en-route transfers & site-seeing tours and 'private photo tours for our guests.

Q: Is price quoted the price I'll pay, or are there hidden extras once we start the ride?

A: Once you have booked with us, your fare is guaranteed. The price you are quoted is the price you will pay, we also confirm this in writing in your confirmation email. This is on the condition that no journey details are changed once a booking is made, and that no deviations are made once you are in the car.

Please Note: Gratuities are not included. 10-15% is normal, but is not obligatory.

Q: Are there charges for parking at Heathrow? Is there a waiting fee? Are there any other payments over and above the fare itself?

A: No. We are the only transfer firm in London that has all-inclusive fares. All fares quoted are the price you will pay. We do have a fares fair policy, which basically prohibits clients from going shopping or eating before meeting their driver (it happens!!). If you go as quickly as possible from aircraft to your meeting point, via customs & baggage claim, you will not be charged any more than the quoted fare, regardless of customs lines.

If you want to arrange a later pick up so you can visit airline lounges, we are happy to accommodate this. Simply email us with the relevant information once you have booked your service.

Q: What does your fare include?

A: KGC Group fares are all inclusive, and are per vehicle, not per person. This results in great value for money, especially if you have more than one passenger in your party. Your fare includes the following:

  • A 'Meet & Greet Service' for all airport and cruise port transfers. (Be aware that many firms charge extra for this!)
  • Your drivers waiting time. (Be aware that many firms add this to the fare once you get in the car!)
  • Any car parking fees at the airport or cruise terminal. (Be aware that many firms add this to the fare once you get in the car!)
  • Help with your luggage. (As much as he can carry/push on one trolley!)
  • Your journey (as booked) direct to the door. (Or as close as your driver can reasonably get to!)
  • All tolls, congestion charges and road fees. (Be aware that many firms add this to the fare)
  • Help unloading your luggage at your destination. (Unlike many companies, our drivers will not just watch you load/unload your luggage into the car - we've personally seen many that do!)
  • A professional, safe, friendly, and fluent English-speaking driver. (Be aware that many firms employ drivers who have just arrived in from overseas, do not know their way around London, and have no experience of driving professionally. Many London-based companies even use drivers that do not speak English!)

Q: Do you accept credit-cards online?

A: KGC Group accept credit cards online as standard, and have secure SSL-encrypted booking forms to do this safely. If you still don’t feel safe with our online payment option, you can request payment by "ring-back credit card" on the booking form. After entering your time-zone, our operators ring you for you details during the next daytime in your area.

Q: Can we still use your 'Trust Policy' or can we pay cash to the driver?

A: In the past, KGC Group used to accept "cash to driver" bookings from all clients - but our 'trust policy' was abused by many people, and even used by some of our competitors who started to book bogus journeys on our website. This left some of our drivers at the airport with no passengers, and no fare! Unfortunately, we can no longer bear the cost of this. 

This said, KGC Group are still a family-run business with genuine family values, as you trust us to be at the airport for you. In return, we are willing to trust you under certain conditions. If you really need, or want, to pay cash to your driver directly, or if you don't have a credit card - you may call us and our operator will tell you how to proceed with your booking - PLEASE DO NOT WITHHOLD YOUR TELEPHONE NUMBER WHEN YOU CALL US FOR THIS!

We still offer our "Trust Policy" (or "cash to driver") to UK residents under certain conditions, as we can trace them easily with Sheriffs/Court Officers if they default on our 'Trust' agreement.

Q: Can I change money at the airport I'm landing at?

A: Yes. However, one of the great advantages of paying by credit card is that you do not have to do this when travelling with us. ATMs (cash machines) and Travelex Exchanges are available at all airports.

Note: Check your credit card exchange rate - It may be better using an ATM than changing your cash to UK currency! ATMs are widely available throughout London. Remember your PIN for your card, you will need this in London - but do not write it down or give/show it to anyone else!

Q: What currency do you accept?

A: KGC Group prices are shown in UK Sterling (Pounds). The UK uses £'s (pounds) UK Sterling, not Euro's. You can tip in foreign currency, as this is fairly normal (in London only!) but all bookings and business is conducted in UK Sterling.  All online bookings are to be prepaid for by credit card at the time of booking - this is charged in £s (pounds) UK Sterling, but will automatically be converted by your credit card company based on the rate of exchange on the day of the charge.

Q: Why do you offer a discount for online booking, and then show a telephone number for booking, on your website?

A: To put it simply, costs. KGC Group offer an online discount because this system is faster and takes less human input - saving us (and you) money. We encourage you to use our secure online booking system! Our telephone lines often get busy at times too, so it's easier to book online.

Q: Can I ring you and book a journey?

A: Yes, the KGC Group office is open between 9am and 7pm (5pm on weekends). This allows you to simply ring and book! We have a limited amount of telephone lines and sometimes get very busy, so we encourage you to use our secure online booking forms for speed. This also saves you the cost of a call, especially the cost of an international call!

It's faster and easier to book online. Go make a cup of tea, bring it to the computer, and take your time filling in the form. It takes about 10 minutes, is completely safe, and saves you money! 

CONTACT our team about our luxury transfer services.